ROEPARASA is an Indonesian Heritage, Multipurpose & Seasoning Blends


ROEPARASA is a Seasoning
We are a manufacturer of natural seasoning
We are very pleased to present our newest variance, the Indonesian Heritage Multipurpose and Natural Seasoning Blends

We are ensure that it will receive by the market extremely well

We produce the seasoning blends in a different context, the advantage of our products it can be used for several menus while the other not

It is a home-based product seasoning with heritage and special recipes
Using all pure of spices
Complete and adequate nutrition
Organic by trust

Animal-free and safe for vegetarians, no msg and no preservatives added
Hygienically and interestingly packaged
Easy to carry anywhere
And creative goods for souvenirs
Suitable for those who limited time, traveler solutions and for beginners who want to enjoy a quality-food

As well as facilitate the experts in innovating new variants of menus
And this seasoning blends helps them save 50% of their work
This seasoning can catered 80% of the Indonesian menus,
Because it is a multipurpose and can be used as an addition to Asian and European menus.


  • Healthy & ready to eat seasoning
    Made from selected spices which are rich in vitamins and nutrients and can be consumed directly, already has a delicious flavor, though not through the cooking process again.
  • Multipurpose & multi product
    ROEPARASA Seasoning is a ready-made spice product in a different context when compared to existing similar products in which ROEPARASA Seasoning is included in thenPremix Advance category where in 1 Variant it can accommodate more than 1 menu or product
  • Non preservative artificial
    Without artificial coloring, chemical food additives so they contain more nutrients and are good for health
  • Local Wisdom
    Indonesia is a country rich in agriculture, a multi-racial cultural heritage and mixed ancestry, this uniqueness produces a large number of unique flavors and products, we give the world the best authentic Indonesian products from what is offered the secrets of tropical rain forests and agriculture, our products come from local agriculture and craftsmen who ensure the best natural raw materials
  • Solution for all problems
    Because the presence of roeparasa will be a form of solution to the likeness of taste
  • Equipped with healthy ingredients from Herbilogy
    Aside from using healthy ingredients such as native spices and natural oils, ROEPARASA spices also use additional healthy ingredients from Herbilogy, including Green Vegetables, Nuts and Other Vegetables that are good for the body
  • Affordable prices
    ROEPARASA seasoning is a versatile spice that is ready to use and ready for high nutritious, natural food without harmful food additives and can meet the needs of its users at affordable prices
  • Already certified Halal, HACCP, BPOM and WFL
    ROEPARASA Seasoning Composition has received Halal, HACCP, BPOM and WFL verification, so that it will increase the user’s sense of security when consuming it
  • The content is regulated by several experts
    Each ingredient contained in the ROEPARASA Spice is regulated and collaborates with several chefs, culinary experts and nutritionists who produce unique and special flavors.
  • 100%nGluten Free
    The ROEPARASA spice is safe for consumption for those who are sensitive to Gluten and people with autism
  • Rich in iron and calcium
    The high content of several vitamins and natural minerals is very helpful in maintaining the health of the user’s body