An Interview with Roeparasa

  1. Can you tell us a little about your personality and how did you get this Roeparasa business idea in the first place?

    For me personally, the experience of processing Indonesian ingredients also has a story of its own.Stories about cooking Nusantara dishes always remind me of my mother and grandmother. We often spend our mornings on weekends in the kitchen, processing cooking ingredients while telling stories about our life experiences, so what happened was that my grandmother and mother passed on their knowledge of cooking to me and my brothers while sharing their stories in the past.

    We laughed together, laughed at the silliness of the past, while strengthening the bonding between us. My grandmother who often moved cities in her youth, so she has many stories that tell the past side of life in Nusantara through her point of view. With her modesty, she told me about the days of the Nusantara that I will never experience. She described how the cities in the past, the transportation that she often used at that time, the words in Indonesian which were often mixed with regional and foreign languages, the original manners passed down from family, songs, and traditional clothes which at that time she was still often in her youth with her friends.

    The Nusantara is so vast, so diverse, so many unique sides that have not been revealed.

    For me, Nusantara always keeps unique stories in its diversity and one day, I will feel and experience it myself so that I someday I can share stories with people around me, even to my next generation.

    I believe that diversity is not something that can divide a nation, but something whose existence needs to be maintained, because there are many things and noble values in every aspect of life, but waiting to be implanted in the minds of all of us to make us human beings who are virtuous and noble character.

  2. Is there any particular motivation that you chose to build this business?

    Motivation about diversity within the Nusantara has always been something interesting to share, because diversity itself is a very personal story of experience, which is felt by oneself, but must be experienced with backgrounds and habits that are completely different from oneself.In telling the diversity in the Nusantara related to its culture, of course there is a lot of beauty in that diversity. For example, in terms of art, language, customs, to human character. In the experience of diversity, there is always a feeling of gratitude for having been placed by the Almighty in this Nusantara and for meeting the various beauties of each community’s life.In experiencing the cultural diversity of the Nusantara, I think that we don’t have to go far to visit every place in the Nusantara, because nowadays, the boundaries for interaction seem to have thinned out. something that is unique from various parts of the Nusantara can now be recognized in various ways instantly, for example the daily food we eat.

    There are many stories from the plate of dishes we serve every day, very long stories about its origins, stories of failures creating delicious dishes, stories about the long journey of how the food came to us, to the story of the cook him/herself in learning how to process and cook the food.

    Interesting things always come from something simple, something essentials but we don’t realize it, will make us grateful. Nusantara cuisine for me is something special, because I have known it since I was a child. These dishes set the standard for my taste buds, allowing my taste buds to sort out what I can eat and what I can’t, what is right and what isn’t. Getting used to Indonesian cuisine makes me miss if I don’t get the taste of food that seems to have formed in my subconscious for a few days, especially when I go far away, I will not be able to imagine what it will taste like.

    The taste of Nusantara cuisine is always unique from each region. On the island of Java, for example, East Javanese cuisine is synonymous with spicy and slightly savory flavors, while in Central Java and Yogyakarta it is synonymous with a slightly sweet taste, while Padang cuisine is always rich in spices and seasonings that seem strong. The flavors of these diverse but unified cuisines feel right on my taste buds, enriching my experience of cuisines from various regions. In addition, these dishes also remind how rich and fertile this Nusantara is, because there are various types of plants and food ingredients to be processed, so many combinations can be created to create dishes with extraordinary flavors and how great the creativity of the resources is. the human being so that they are able to find the best flavors of the many combinations.

  3. Why is it called Roeparasa? Is there a special reason?

    One dish can bring back the sweetness of life. From the appearance to the feeling in the heart, everything is combined through a different lens about “Roepa & Rasa” using real spices to describe the image of the imagination. The taste that lingers on the tongue, overwhelms the newcomer’s longing for his village and family. Like a button, in an instant able to connect the hometown, calm the floating heart, return to the mother’s arms.We combine spices and aromatics such as garlic, shallots, galangal and lemongrass with oil, tamarind and the like to make this condiment or sambal…. which is processed into food to be used as an instant seasoning or used to give it additional flavour.The essence of this concoction is that each taste can be used for various menus. It is the home-grown, heritage products and special recipes using pure herbs that give soul to most of our family’s dishes,

    We think of this spice as the catalyst that brings it all together to create what can best be described as an oral orgasm…. Oops…

    The next preparation that has formed in our family so far is our family’s cooking life, they are my starting point and I can’t imagine life without them

    “This was the Best eaten of the that our family had ever made”

  4. Since when did this business start and when did Roeparasa products start to be marketed commercially?

    1973 is the year I was born, where these spices have been around for generations, then 2017 just started their commercial business.This is the best part of my life. Being able to cook, for me is a big change The way I see life, where I live, and myself Roeparasa seems to bring us always feels like home.Feeding is a bridge between my culture, me and others

    Strangers sit and eat my food In the end all friends Feeding is a bridge to reach them…

    Sometimes it’s hard to explain…
    The special quality of a home made food
    Great food covered in the freshness of the spices
    We are like professional chefs, we do the same thing from time to time…
    People are watching us, and we are controlling.
    So I close my eyes and imagine myself flying…
    I’m very lucky The dish at my table doesn’t depend solely on my income,
    but my staff, they support the family at home,

    So when I started making roeparasa, I didn’t let them leave their position.
    At first it was difficult, they could only work part time and so did I with my abilities. That moment Over time, one by one, we joined full time, that was the defining moment

    When roeparasa was built, I chose everything.
    From the color of the tiles to the colorful packaging, even the plants where we work.

    At that time I wanted an open kitchen, because I wanted people to see… the hands cooking the dishes, celebrating the soul of my kitchen.

    Roeparasa is an oasis for us
    I watched us grow
    Confident…and proud..
    This is what happens to us when we support each other

    If she is still around, My grandmother will always stand up for me, she taught me to cook I want to do what makes her possible feel proud
    Because I know, it’s hard when he takes care of me like a mother…
    Now, he must be very proud of me…
    But I still feel like I want to do more…

  5. How much is the average profit at the beginning of the business?
  6. What is the current average profit?

    Answers 5 & 6 Initially capitalize on an idea, enthusiasm and 1 million rupiah to start all these plans.But now, the results are both express and implied, not something that can be judged by a commercial calculation alone, but deeply embedded and burning the enthusiasm of all people on earth In this world. We all have our own time and clock….patience is the process JK Rowling had to wait until she was 32 to publish Harry Potter after being rejected by 12 publishers Morgan Freeman landed a big role when he was 52 Earned the title even though he was 25 still an achievementNot married at 30 but still happy, even then it’s beautiful Building a family after 35 is still possible.

    Buying a house after 40 is still great
    Don’t let other people’s opinions make us rush into their time
    Not everything that counts counts
    And not everything that counts counts
    And this is the most important thing
    I want to create a meaningful life,
    aim and bring happiness to myself and others
    And learn how to use it to make an impact and a difference in the lives of others In my opinion, that is what is called true success.

  7. In your opinion, what is the uniqueness of Roeparasa’s product that distinguishes it from other similar products or with the same concept?

    We are food connoisseurs
    But we are not good at writing and explaining it to the world
    There are many kinds of flavors in our country that are not yet, even almost unknown
    Because we have a rich culture and food tradition, The world should know about it.
    Street food in particular, unites us all There we will find commonalities.
    Not only bringing us back to history but also how to preserve traditions various people come from time to time bringing various traditions, and bringing their food too
    Then we not only adopt them but also adapt them into our food

    Now is the time to celebrate and share it with the world.
    Because of the feeling, we are reunited. There is nothing better than this,
    of course there will be a lot of changes in how the next culinary generation explores cuisine and who knows how long, before the food culture will change completely.

    Today, there are still many old women who are still selling extraordinary traditional foods made as delicious as possible from their sweat and preferences.
    In this case, roeparasa can present it in a ready-to-use form and can be processed into a variety of favorite menus,
    When enjoying it will be very fun and bring us nostalgia, it seems we feel the sweetness of history in every moment of cooking.

    Roeparasa carries a multipurpose/multi-race theme, whoever you are, wherever you are, whatever you want…

    Roeparasa is a ready to eat seasoning, with a different concept, context and matrix, just mix it with rice and it’s ready to eat.
    This seasoning is also organic by trust without a mixture of BTP. Suitable for helping housewives/students/fathers, even beginners who want delicious food, easy to cook and can be processed into various dishes even though they have limited time.

  8. What is the public’s interest and response to Roeparasa’s products? Has it received a warm welcome from the start?

    Alhamdulillah the customer who has been there from the start and is still loyal to this day and can be well received. They are what keep us going, they are also what make us great. For me, life is a cause and effect that will form a giant map. My life will cause changes in other people’s life lines, and so on, then I don’t know what cycle it is, will come back again in the cycle of my life…

    Influence each other, connect and interact…
    Really, if I describe the map, then it is like a giant ball with threads of millions of colors that are wrapped around each other, intertwined, circular circles.
    Really Beautiful…
    Not complicated at all…

  9. Since its establish until now, of course Roeparasa has changed a lot in its development. What are the developments that Roeparasa has achieved over the past few years, both in terms of human resources, branding, marketing, product sales, to flavor variants?

    So far, with existing trials such as difficult times, namely the covid 19 pandemic, Alhamdulillah we didn’t let employees out, in terms of production we have been growing, assisted by production machines, and roeparasa products are already available in organic shops, supermarkets such as Kemchick , grand Indonesia and several related partners and at the end of this year we established several other Trade Market partners, besides that we have also made several sales to overseas markets.

  10. Where does Roeparasa get its raw material supplies? Is it from local farmers or shopping yourself at the market for example?

    Some of the determining materials, we get supplies from local farmers and some of the supporting materials we get from several suppliers who subscribe to sellers who have stalls in the market.

  11. How is the development of market reach to date, both on a local, national, and international (export) scale?

    For national market reach, there are already in several outlets and available in the marketplace, LCL International purchases, and will follow massive purchases with the last destination countries at the end of this year being the USA and Singapore.

  12. What sales channels is currently used by Roeparasa? Do you use resellers, marketplaces, social media, or through offline stores?

    Reseller, marketplace, offline store store in several outlets

  13. In your journey, of course you have faced challenges and obstacles in running Roeparasa. What were the challenges faced and how did the Roeparasa team overcome them?

    For our challenges and obstacles in the production section which is still manual, we are grateful because there is a government incentive assistance program so we and the production team are helped so that they have enough rest the next day to start production again.

  14. Has the pandemic that lasted for almost two years had a big impact on Roeparasa?

    During the pandemic in sales increased and as a business we are growing. On the other hand, our production site has been improved for the better and already has a HACCP certificate.

  15. How did you bring Roeparasa to survive during the pandemic?

    Togetherness is the main key, belonging to each other is the basis of our soul and helping each other is a trait we instill Sometimes we take a break to go back to our hometown and start charity…

    The purpose of this charity is to celebrate…
    We pay for all these steps, pay for the sweetness of the results and pay for this achievement.

  16. In your opinion, what are the biggest achievements while running the Roeparasa business? For example, farthest market reach or biggest sales?

    The biggest achievement is that when we started all this from the lowest point and we managed to get through it well, it even became a national program and even the world…and Roeparasa was given the opportunity to introduce it to the world Even for a second but able to remind Even though it was a speck but was able to bring together.

    In every era, it seems that there are times when it is not easy to talk, but it is also not easy to be silent…

    Alhamdulillah since then, all positive things have started to come to us. With the achievement of several engagements both at home and abroad which it seems so difficult for us to reach this statement out loud…

    Saying something…
    If you think you are unwanted, Even if it is considered that you are not equal, you are the one who will bring light…

    You can do anything…

  17. What are your plans and hopes for Roeparasa in the future?

    Realize that we are Indonesia, a nation that is rich in diversity with its Bhinneka Tunggal Ika.
    This is not about you or me, but it is about us.
    It is no longer about what books you read or what books I read, but about what we understand… Differences are beautiful…
    And cultural assimilation is what makes Indonesia big and strong as it is today.

    I hope that Roeparasa can bring about all changes in the country and even the world.
    The name Roeparasa represents Indonesia’s Bhineka Tunggal Ika (Unity in Diversity) Roeparasa is the Pride of Indonesia Roeparasa is The Best Indonesians Epicure

    Those are some interview questions that will be used as writing material for our Inspirational Stories article later.

  18. How is the relationship Roeparasa with God/spirituality?

    God is always perfect in every way.
    We cannot always understand what the wisdom behind it, but we must learn to believe in it.
    Allah is very understanding of our prayers and gratitude, even when we are unable to find the right words to express them.

    wholeheartedly believe that Allah will take care of everything for us, even when things seem obvious.

    Allah knows what is best for me and when is the right time for me to have it.
    Thank you for the ikhlas lessons and the journey of our friendship which is really rich in taste and experience in 2021

    Still alive and eased my way….on the way “home” journey
    Even though the winding is decorated with joy and sorrow, but we are learning to be ikhlas…

    Learn to accept, be aware and try to stay equal….