Presenting memorable recipes supporting work activities and the best choices of Indonesian cuisine, in a Peranakan flavor that combines and utilizes various elements of cooking creatively. Breaking the boundaries of separation in the culinary world. Through a process that has been running for more than seven decades, now its history is actively being rewritten and enshrined.

These recipes are artifacts from an enchanting, well-developed and determined community. These types of peranakan cuisine are time-consuming and remain an intimate and loved object. The delicacy and uniqueness of it makes anyone who feels it always remembered as a dish that is not weathered swallowed by age. Everlasting is seen and becomes a lively choice both now and later.

Peranakans participated in shaping and influencing what is now called modern Indonesia. Roeparasa brings back a piece of the lost past in the cooking menu. Can home cooking in the past be remade?

Everyone knows that the sense of being able to arouse memories of the past is direct and sharp, so that is the main reason we raise the peranakan theme as the main concept of roeparasa. Indonesia is with many people from various cultures who live side by side, and interact with each other well, so produce a new culture, including culinary that mirrors the culture, namely the concept of peranakan Indonesian food.

It is important to remember that peranakan cuisine does not specialize in certain tribes or races but rather on the results of the cultural incorporation of the group. It is amazing that the combination of some cultures produces a new history that can last a long time.

We use this peranakan meaning as a separate history, regardless of the many tribes in Indonesia and the assimilation of Chinese, Javanese, Dutch or Malay cultures, it depends on the experts. For us, it doesn’t matter whether 4X6 or 6X4 is 24, but rather results that are undoubtedly delicious and unique.

That is why we raised the theme of the role of this as the main concept of roeparasa. Noodles or vermicelli in Indonesia have been consumed since the Majapahit era. Evidenced by the term Laksa which is still popular until now. Tofu comes from the Chinese language, “doufu”, much consumed as a substitute for animal protein in East Asia which indeed consumes less meat compared to Western countries.

We are a new breakthrough in the world of culinary supplies. Reflecting on my hobby that is fun traveling, I see that Indonesian people are unique and very attached to their motherland. The streets are very comfortable and very enjoyable, but the turn to eat, sometimes makes it miserable, not all can be accepted in terms of taste and pocket.

Then was born a ready-made “Indonesian peranakan” ready-to-season spice pack product, all that was left was to mix rice / noodles / fish / meat or coconut milk, with:

Brand Name
“roeparasa” Pioneers of ready-made organic spices, Indonesian Peranakan flavors, perfect taste, simple, healthy and easy to use with a variety of uses

Types of products
Organic spices from home products that are ready to serve are easy and healthy

Product Description
“roeparasa” is a home-made spices with a secret recipe for generations and is special using authentic Indonesian herbs, free of animal elements, safe for vegetarians. Roeparasa is a typical Indonesian with peranakan flavor that presents the best choice of peranakan Indonesian cuisine, a lost past but at least partly recovered from the menus presented.

An obsolete dish of heritage that is swallowed up by the ages, which is still eternally seen and began to become a lively choice using natural ingredients and herbs, without chemical preservatives and free from MSG content. Hygienic and attractive packaging, easy to carry wherever you go.

Suitable for travelers, those who lack time in the kitchen and beginners but want to enjoy the quality cuisine of the restaurant, the type of chili sauce is also special, easy to carry for your lunch.

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