Roeparasa brings back a piece of the past of cuisine menu. Whether a home made cooking can be restored, Peoples knows that sense is able to arouse memories of the past it is straight forward and sharp, that is the main reason of taking the peranakan theme as the main concept of roeparasa

Indonesia consist with many people from various cultures that coexist, and interact with each other very well, resulting in a new culture, including the culinary that mirrors the culture is the concept of peranakan Indonesian food.

It is important to remember that peranakan cuisine does not specialize in any particular tribe or race but rather to the result of a cultural incorporation of the group. It is remarkable that the combination of some of these cultures can produce a long-lasting history.

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Product with the best choice of Indonesian cuisine that are not aimed at a particular tribe or race but rather to combine and utilize various elements creatively that penetrate tht dividing bounderies in the culinary world.