• We share with our customers a passion for crafting delicious dishes from scratch, discovering and experimenting with new tastes and gathering with loves ones to enjoy a well cook meal
    Fresh, quality spice empower us to transform simple ingredients into delicious, flavorful meals
    Form the pungent heat of a chili pepper, to the delicate bouquet of paprika blooming in the pan, the right spice makes the dish
  • Every spice has an origin story-one that can be traced back to a corner of the world with a particular ecology and anthropology that informs how we use that spice today
    We honor these origins by sourcing our spices from the most experienced, high quality suppliers in those regions and by passing our knowledge of spice on to our customers
  • We grind and blend our small-batch spices weekly because we’ve learned of experience that it’s the best way to ensure the freshest and most flavorful individual spices & blends
    This is one of the reasons that “roeparasa” is trusted