• The firm, fibrous texture and the rich flavor of red meat / fish provide a great backdrop for complex spicing and allow the cook a freer, more liberal hand than do more subtle, softer sources of protein.Beef, fish or seafood perfectly partnered with pepper, garlic, ginger, cardamon and chilly, among other spice and aromatics, lambs responds well to the spectrum of warm spices, and venison and kangaroo are magical with horseradish, mustard, chili, jumper berries and pepper. Keep in mind that while meat responds bgt to big, bold flavors, care and restraint in the selection and combination of spices still give the best results.
  • Just as you should seek out those who supply the freshest spices, next time you by meat, visit your local butcher rather than relying on the plastic-wrapped packets of indeterminate contents available from a floridly lit supermarket express lane where there is no psychological link between the source and the product. In our taste for shopping convenience, we have allowed the skills and practices of generations to slip away be selective when buying red meat- ask your butcher for advice about cuts, and think about the endless flavor partnerships you can create to give your cooking an added dimension.