Roeparasa Concept

– The uniqueness of Roeaparasa’s product that distinguishes it from other similar products or with the same concept –

We are food connoisseurs

But we are not good at writing and explaining it to the world

There are many kinds of flavors in our country that are not yet, even almost unknown

Because we have a rich culture and food tradition, The world should know about it.

Street food in particular, unites us all There we will find commonalities.

Not only bringing us back to history but also how to preserve traditions

various people come from time to time bringing various traditions, and bringing their food too

Then we not only adopt them but also adapt them into our food

Now is the time to celebrate and share it with the world.

Because of the feeling, we are reunited. There is nothing better than this,

Of course there will be a lot of changes in how the next culinary generation explores cuisine and who knows how long, before the food culture will change completely.

Today, there are still many old women who are still selling extraordinary traditional foods made as delicious as possible from their sweat and preferences.

In this case, roeparasa can present it in a ready-to-use form and can be processed into a variety of favorite menus,

When enjoying it will be very fun and bring us nostalgia, it seems we feel the sweetness of history in every moment of cooking.

Roeparasa carries a multipurpose/multi-race theme, whoever you are, wherever you are, whatever you want…

Roeparasa is a ready to eat seasoning, with a different concept, context and matrix, just mix it with rice and it’s ready to eat.

This seasoning is also organic by trust without a mixture of BTP. Suitable for helping housewives/students/fathers, even beginners who want delicious food, easy to cook and can be processed into various dishes even though they have limited time.

– What is the public’s interest and response to Roeparasa’s products? has it received a warm welcome from the start? –

Alhamdulillah the customer who has been there from the start and is still loyal to this day and can be well received. They are what keep us going, they are also what make us great. For me, life is a cause and effect that will form a giant map. My life will cause changes in other people’s life lines, and so on, then I don’t know what cycle it is, will come back again in the cycle of my life….

Influence each other, connect and interact…

Really, if I describe the map, then it is like a giant ball with threads of millions of colors that are wrapped around each other, intertwined, circular circles…..


Really Beautiful…

Not complicated at all..

– Since its establish until now, of course Roeparasa has changed a lot in its development. What are the developments that Roeparasa has achieved over the past few years, both in terms of human resources, branding, marketing, product sales, to flavor variants ? –

So far, with existing trials such as difficult times, namely the covid 19 pandemic, Alhamdulillah we didn’t let employees out, in terms of production we have been growing, assisted by production machines, and roeparasa products are already available in organic shops, supermarkets such as Kemchick , grand Indonesia and several related partners and at the end of this year we established several other Trade Market partners, besides that we have also made several sales to overseas markets.

– Where does Roeparasa get its raw material supplies? Is it from local farmers or shopping yourself at the market for example? –

Some of the determining materials, we get supplies from local farmers and some of the supporting materials we get from several suppliers who subscribe to sellers who have stalls in the market.

– How is the development of the market reach to date, both on a local, national, and international (export) scale? –

For national market reach, there are already in several outlets and available in the marketplace, LCL International purchases, and will follow massive purchases with the last destination countries at the end of this year being the USA and Singapore.

– What were the challanges faced and how did the Roeparasa team overcome them? –

For our challenges and obstacles in the production section which is still manual, we are grateful because there is a government incentive assistance program so we and the production team are helped so that they have enough rest the next day to start production again.

– Has the pandemic that lasted for almost two years had a big impact on Roeparasa? –

During the pandemic in sales increased and as a business we are growing. On the other hand, our production site has been improved for the better and already has a HACCP certificate.

– How did your bring Roeparasa tp survive during the pandemic? –

Togetherness is the main key, belonging to each other is the basis of our soul and helping each other is a trait we instill Sometimes we take a break to go back to our hometown and start charity…

The purpose of this charity is to celebrate…

We pay for all these steps, pay for the sweetness of the results and pay for this achievement.


– What are the biggest achievements while running the Roeparasa business? for example, farthest market reach or biggest sales? –

The biggest achievement is that when we started all this from the lowest point and we managed to get through it well, it even became a national program and even the world…

and Roeparasa was given the opportunity to introduce it to the world Even for a second but able to remind Even though it was a speck but was able to bring together.

In every era, it seems that there are times when it is not easy to talk, but it is also not easy to be silent…

Alhamdulillah since then, all positive things have started to come to us. With the achievement of several engagements both at home and abroad which it seems so difficult for us to reach this statement out loud…

Saying something…

If you think you are unwanted, Even if it is considered that you are not equal, you are the one who will bring light…

You can do anything…


– What are your plans and hopes for Roeparasa in the future ? –

Realize that we are Indonesia, a nation that is rich in diversity with its Bhinneka Tunggal Ika.

This is not about you or me, but it is about us.

It is no longer about what books you read or what books I read, but about what we understand… Differences are beautiful…

And cultural assimilation is what makes Indonesia big and strong as it is today.

I hope that Roeparasa can bring about all changes in the country and even the world.

The name Roeparasa represents Indonesia’s Bhineka Tunggal Ika (Unity in Diversity) Roeparasa is the Pride of Indonesia Roeparasa is The Best Indonesians Epicure