Healthy and delicious Quality Spices

Roeparasa’s Friends. Do you know that quality cooking spices is healthy and contains many benefit for our bodies?

That’s is right, but only seasonings that contains less added of chemicals.

So, if you wondering what kind of cooking ingredients that healthy and having a good quality?

Let me tell you this,

  1. Freshness: Quality spices use fresh raw materials, so try to process them immediately after they are from the farmers or from the fresh source directly.
  2. Process temperature: Make sure the processing temperature is at 50-60 degrees Celsius, and for cooking at 100-110 degrees Celsius so that the seasoning is perfectly cooked. This is also to kill germs and bacteria.
  3. Hydration: Hydration is an equally important. Many people underestimate element of water on the spices, even though the right water content can actually make the spices fragrant and last longer.
  4. No artificial preservatives: The natural preservatives in spices are the quality of the spices themselves. This quality spice has properties for the health of our bodies, as well as a natural preservative of quality cooking spices.
  5. Cooking: With the right cooking time, we will produce dishes that are delicious and healthy for our bodies.

Now you know the secret of cooking spices to make your body healthy? Yes, with Roeparasa seasoning, we can do it all to produce quality, healthy and fresh spices for all our dishes.

Just prepare the ingredients, add the Roeparasa spices, and get the results of Indonesian cuisine in the style of a 5-star hotel that is also healthy.

Want to cook healthy at home in the style of a professional chef? Always remember folks, Roeparasa Organic Instant Seasoning!

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