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Bumbu Tausi
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Tausi Seasoning

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Category: Bumbu
Brand: Roeparasa
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Bumbu Praktis Nature Tausi

 Minimal Order :

2 pcs (1 box) 1 box can be different spice.

4 pcs (2 box) = 1 kg

Ingredients: spices, sugar, salt, coconut oil, tauco

*Combine 1½ table spoons roeparasa. Add water, shrimp/chicken, sliced​basso, sausage, egg, green mustard or basil, beans prouts, then input 100gr wet kwetiau . Heat the pan and mix well. Serve while hot and accompanied (slices of chili, cucumber and tomato slices, pickles and add crackers) can also be used for fried rice / saute kangkung / tahu.

*The basic ingredients contain tauco

*Rice / noodles / kwetiaw: 1 dm for 200gr noodles/kwetiaw + beansprouts + basil + eggs + baso/other condiments




*Dimsum chickens claws


Expire date 18 Month