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Bumbu Kencur
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Kencur Seasoning

$ 6.00
Category: Bumbu
Brand: Roeparasa
Tags: bumbu bumbu organik bumbu praktis roeparasa

Bumbu Praktis Nature Kencur Berempah

Minimal Order :

2 pcs (1 box) 1 box can be different spice.

4 pcs (2 box) = 1 kg

Ingredients: spices, sugar, salt, coconutoil, kencur

*Rice/noodles/pasta: 1tbsp/according to taste for 200gr rice

*tofu: 1tbsp / according to taste for 2-3 tofu, fried tofu, lift, then 'di penyet' with the marinade

*urap/salad: 1tbsp / to taste add grated coconut 125gr steamed together, and mixed 250gr vegetables (fern, carot, toge, papaya flower all boiled)


Expire date 18 Month