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Bumbu Kebuli
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Kebuli Seasoning

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Category: Bumbu
Brand: Roeparasa
Tags: bumbu bumbu praktis bumbu organik nasi kebuli roeparasa

Kebuli Seasoning Blends

Minimal Order :

2 pcs (1 box) 1 box can be different spice.

4 pcs (2 box) = 1 kg

Ingredients: spices, sugar, salt, coconut oil, nutmeg, cumin

*Mix ½ tablespoon of roeparasa into 150ml water. Add 50gr of meat and heat it on the pan, stir it evenly until it is seep and slightly dry, then add 10gr of peas and 200gr white rice. Serve while hot and accompanied (chili,cucumber and tomato slices)

*Rice/noodles/pasta: 1tbsp for 200gr rice + raisins + meat sdh soft

*Tongseng: 1-2tbsp + coconut milk + tender meat, cabbage, tawit, tomato, onion


Expire date 18 Month