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Spices are fragrant or strong- flavored plant parts that are usedin small amounts in food as preservatives or in cooking.

Spices are usually

distinguished from other plants which are used for similar purposes, such as medicinal plants, scented vegetables and dried fruit

Seasoning is a spice that contains at least two native herbs and can be used in cooking without any cooking process



Premix is Seasoning in the

form of consentrate so that

other ingredients must be

used in the dish, such as

sugar, salt or other flavor


In the market it is usually

sold in the form of core

spices or a-b-c spices or red-

yellow spices


Flavor is the concentrate

that makes the dish taste the

same as the original, Usually


used to strengthen the taste

and replace the aroma lost

during the processing

In the market it is usually

sold in the form of spices,

such as seasoning for fried

rice, curry, soup or rendang